vendredi 24 août 2012

Why this blog?

Helping others, enhancing conscience, is the mission I have assigned myself in life... Why? Because it simply thrills me, it's energetic and gives me pleasure, strengths and most of all, it's exciting and fun!
I love to learn, to read, to search and to grow. I would like to share the knowledge I come across with all those who are interested in acquiring it, to exchange ideas and to improve. Shift your beliefs (the ones that are limitating you, not the good ones) and you will see a new world rise in front of your eyes.
Neuro-linguistic-programmation or NLP is a wonderful tool to begin a changing process, or should I say, a great journey.
If we want to see radical changes arise in this society, in our organisation, we need to radically change our way of thinking, by shifting our beliefs, values and environment, surfing the wave that is coming and live a better life in a better world. I intend to regularly post tips, hints or video that could be of help or open new paths...High hope. I am a coach and a master practioner in NLP.
When you want to reach an objective using the NLP tools, you are asked to choose a symbol which represent your final goal, or maybe your quest, mine is the spiral...I love the process that eventually can bring results. I invite you to follow the path on this blog, or to email me if you want to dig deeper.

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